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    "We joined our healing hands to Learn  better, Teach better and Serve better "


     Agam is, in essence, A Group of Anastomosing Medicos beyond classrooms. Agam is a student friendly, student-run organization, working to build a community of future physicians for the betterment of society. Agam, is committed to connect the fellow medicos beyond the curriculum and it provides an expansive platform for learning, interacting, inspiring and enriching ourselves in the process of becoming the pillars of the future health care system. Here, Agam tries to keep the Medicos informed about the updations in a field that keeps metamorphosing each day. Agam is one big family where we uplift each other holding hands with compassion and fraternity. We are here as an Anastomosis to help each other become a better physician of tomorrow, a physician you want to see in yourself!


     The main vision of the ravishing young minds working and anastomosing here is to maintain unity, integrity and strength among medical students and create a better environment to live in.


     Agam primarily works for the edification and betterment of the society, as we belong to the bunch of youngsters who have much responsibility in the present era. Our pearl studded missions  are:

  • To maintain a healthy relationship among medicos and have a good rapport between them.

  • To uplift themselves and also to uplift the other people with them.

  • To indeed  involve themselves into a crew of fellow medicos and  future practitioners.

  • To make people discover their potential for action and change.

  • Medicine is a profession of involvement, to make people involve into each and every action and maintain the art of medicine together.​



    "Divided by function and region, united by  knowledge"


            As it is said,  Rome wasn't built in a day, Agam, Initially, was a common group like every other social media groups named as TN MEDICOS CLUB, started on 18 November 2017. It was a spark from one individual which fired a set of a few like minded people to work with him. Agam was a normal WhatsApp group holding just 257 people initially.


            As a process of spreading this system to nook and corner, one person was appointed as the admin in each college, which led to the formation of Agam Admins Group on 13 December 2017. Following this Agam started platforms to share question banks, study materials, question papers, events from each college. Stepping into another initiative, Agam started a notes-making process to make academics simple, named after the term Divide And Rule.


            Later, a team of Board Members was formed on 19 May 2019. To reach out to a huge set of people, Agam started to form College Councils.

 With these responses, suggestions and feedback, Agam will continue to work for the betterment of unity among medicos, and will fulfill the needs of them.  One set the trigger, and now we all are holding hands to hit the goal indeed!!


 “We sincerely thank our professors, students and other well-wishers who encouraged and motivated us to make things organized and guided us all through the way!!!” 

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