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      Among various activities done by Agam for betterment of medical students, the one that requires special mention is Agam’s DIVIDE AND RULE (D&R) which was initiated in 2018. Through Divide and Rule Agam aims to provide simplified understandable notes to get better insight on various medical subjects.

     Under ‘’Agam D&R – 2018’’, medicos from few medical colleges of batch 2017 came together to prepare handwritten notes for difficult topics in Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry which was quite a success.

      Positive comments and appreciation for the 1st year notes encouraged us to do more. Hence, we came up with ‘’Agam D&R – 2019’’. A Notes-making team was formed consisting of interested medicos from Tamilnadu. They worked as a team and prepared notes for whole of Pharmacology which is available in our Agam website. It was widely appreciated among medicos and many came forward to work with us to do notes on various subjects.

      The overwhelming response for Pharmacology notes was the driving factor for us to come up with ‘’Agam D&R – 2020’’. Our Notes-making team along with our Proofreading team and Illustration team are currently preparing notes on Pathology, Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) and Ophthalmology. we are eagerly waiting to work more as a team!!


    Agam came up with AGAM WEBINARS seeing the struggles faced by 2019 batches in the initial phases of lockdown.

    Agam webinars served not only as a platform for the 2k17 and 2k18 batch to help their exam going juniors but also as an opportunity for other batches to brush up their Anatomy, physiology and biochemistry. Agam webinars – a sign of goodwill, made Agam popular among medicos, received widespread applause across India. Even few students from 2k19 batch and professors who are doing great in their field of expertise came forward to contribute for Agam webinars.

   The webinar team along with the proofreading team made sure that the sessions were easily understood by introducing clinical case scenarios, mnemonics, etc. Currently we have covered important topics in anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pathology and pharmacology.

  Apart from the mind-blowing lectures, we have regular interactive live sessions through which we guide our juniors about how to approach each subjects and cope with their exam stress from a senior’s perspective. Agam is glad to play the role of silver lining for all the medicos.



    MEDMAZE - GASTROWIZ is a National Level Gastroenterology Quiz organised by Agam in association with Elixir . This event involved 2070 participants from 100+ colleges of 8 states. This event was a great success among medicos which will further be followed by MEDMAZE 2.0 in the near future.



   MEDMAZE Agam is a quenching initiative for all those Studygrammers on Instagram. The Page currently carries a wide variety of knowledge chunks including Mnemonics, Riddles, Spotters, Crosswords, Connections and Case Study. Adding to this, a Daily Quiz is posted in the Instagram Story at Sharp 9:00 AM and Top 5 will be tagged in the following story, as an appreciation for the Quickest & Sharpest minds.


     The interesting posts and stories in this page owe a great deal to the team of Medicos from different colleges across TN who deserve a special mention.


Mnemonic - Omandurar Medical College

Riddles - Tagore Medical College

Spotters - Tirunelveli Medical College

Crosswords - Annapoorna Medical College

Connection - Shri Balaji Medical College

Case Study - Madras Medical College

MCQ Story – Govt. Mohan Kumaramangalam Medical College


Find yourselves lost in the Maze of social media learning...



All work and No play makes Jack a dull boy

To get engaged in this Lock down, Agam brings in MED-TIMES, a magazine to explore and exhibit the enthusiastic talents in Medicos. The magazine invites flairs in multiple dimensions including  Article writing , Poetry , Drawing , Photography , Meme creations and other self expressive events.

The Magazine serves as a talent hunt and throws light on the unseen side of so-called Nerdy medicos.  

Medtimes is waiting to get launched soon with fuels of talents...

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-08 at 7.56.08 PM.


     To any fresher in medical college, the greatest nightmare experience would be facing the first-year professional exam. Only very few luckily get some support from seniors or faculties while losing the sight of the shore. To expand this fresher support system to a much wider web across colleges, Agam took an initiative to help freshers learn to Swim before they Sink in this ocean. Not letting this Lockdown to leave them behind, STUDY DESK with M&M, hopefully remained a forum for any fresher to get guidance from seniors on a regular basis from clearing doubts to confessions and let them gain clarity, confidence & motivation towards approaching the exams.



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