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Techno Wing


The indispensable face of any organization is its online presence, i.e. the website. 

The Department of Tech takes care of all the website dealings of our organization, starting from a simple update of our activities, to creating registration portals for social media partnerships



        The techno wing is mainly equipped to handle agam website and agam app. They  provide technical support to agam and handle queries related to agam. They join hands with other wings of nexus and provide the users  with information of all the existing and ongoing  activities of agam and guide the users to join the activities they are interested to be part of.





Government Stanley Medical College, Chennai



Our website is the face of Agam. We handle the updation of website, the designing of UI elements and the user experience of our website, with each version of published site, better than the previous one.

Our role does not stop just with the website but also the backend and managing the content behind the scenes. We help the colleges and institutions successfully conduct their events without a glitch, by using our site for their registrations and collecting payments for the same.

We strive to fulfill the goal of being a complete all-in-one aggregator for handling events, in line with our goal for being a comprehensive event handling platform for medical educational institutions.

Our wing also handles the automated operations that keep this organisation running each time a member interacts with our site, and also the automations that make the internal tasks easier to complete.


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